Only Drums Aloud provide drum kit and percussion tuition in South Wales to students from all ages and standards, from beginner to professional.

All our lessons are held in dedicated drum teaching rooms on good quality acoustic drum kits.  Teaching rooms are also equipped with a PA , music playback and click-track/metronome facilities as well as a waiting area.

All lessons are tailored to suit the individual’s needs.  For younger students this may include learning a current hit or classic song or going through your grades.   We are an official Rockschool RSL exam centre. 

For more experienced drummers lessons focus on:

  1. 1.Technique - Gladstone, Moeller, Open and Closed grips.

  2. 2.Styles - Pop, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Punk, Jazz / Swing, Latin, Funk, Jungle.

  3. 3.Time and Flow - Developing your inner clock and awareness of subdivisions.

  4. 4.Independence and Co-ordination.

  5. 5.Reading - Playing at sight.

  6. 6.Playing with music - Learning the authentic feel for the music, the ‘form’ of songs.

  7. 7.Learning world percussion instruments and applying these rhythms to the drum kit.

“ My dad's best suggestion was probably to start drum lessons ! The past 4 years have been awesome and cheers for all the help from the start, thoroughly enjoyed every lesson.  Frank “

“ For the last ten years or more, Joseph has been taking drum lessons from the wonderful Noel Watson. Tonight has been Joe's last lesson with Noel, and it kinda feels like the end of an era .   Noel has been a phenomenal teacher and mentor for Joe - overflowing with patience, kindness and understanding. He took Joe under his wing and produced the brilliant drummer we all know and love today. Thank you Noel - you did a great job!  - Gareth “